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Supply Chain Commerce is a privately held family run business specializing in technologies that focus on moving products in all aspects of the supply chain . We provide our services through a combination of agency agreements and partnerships.

Supply Chain Commerce is an international business development firm specializing in increasing a company’s revenue by building and developing their channels of distribution at a wholesale and retail level while providing financing for the supply chain, digital media and supporting social media initiatives. We are a network of real people that develop real relationships and leverage technologies such as digital media, social media and celebrity branding to make our clients supply chain selling better.

All of our technologies are built 100% from the ground up using Microsoft technologies. All of our clients use Microsoft computers, business servers and Microsoft Office in the cloud or desktop versions for both work and communications.

Our products and services are available through companies like:

Social Supply Chain Network

Global Business Referral Network and others.

Supply Chain Commerce also leverages other third party solutions from the following companies:

Yahoo Developer Network

Word Press Business Tools

Bing Ads Sitemap Plugin

We are always looking to make our offerings better and many times that means partnering or integrating with other great companies

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