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The Web Will Kill Apps

Lots of the “apps are killing the web” meme going around these days, with the latest batch of casket sealant come from no greater validator of commonly agreed upon wisdom than the Wall St. Journal . “The Web Is Dying; Apps Are Killing It” argues Christopher…

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Desire™ Skin Care by Jordan Richter

Desire™ is a 2-step product; a day and night serum. These serums work together to promote younger, healthier looking skin:

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Bergdorf Goodman’s Christmas Windows 2014

Hey guys, Happy Monday! Hope you all got the week off to a good start. Thanksgiving is fast approaching here in New York (it’s this Thursday and I can’t wait to experience it) and of course the countdown is well and truly on for Christmas. In New…

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Infographic: Social Media Stats via Digital Insights

Need a recap of social media stats? This infographic from Digital Insights outlines the statistics for Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Linked In among others. Among the most interesting factoids is that YouTube…

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The social media paradox: Is your online popularity making you lonely?

Putting social back in Social Media You know me as someone who writes about social media, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have at least a slight addiction to it. Whether it’s tracking who is following and unfollowing me on Twitter, Liking Lebron…

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Why writing for your audience is the best SEO advice

 Guest post by: Sarvesh Bagla , Founder and CEO of Techmagnate SEO many be a three letter word, but it spells enough havoc to get the world dancing to its tunes! 2013 saw the face of SEO transform completely. From being a link building mechanism,…

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Get a Major Pageview Boost with AtContent

Growing page views and readership is much easier said than done, and unfortunately the recommended tactics to do so are often vague, time consuming, expensive or black hat. We are always looking for effective, inexpensive tools that enable publishers…

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From Russia with Love

Today I had an amazing time pretending to be a Russian spy for an hour or so! The theme came up when I saw the coat and the hat at the same time, and then, a split second after that, remembered I always wanted to do a photo shoot at the KGB café at downtown…

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What’s Wrong with the Current Money System?

” How is the present monetary system affecting the economy and thereby society and nature,  and why is it failing? I will outline the interconnected malfunctions of the globally prevailing monetary system in ten points. 1. Money is created as debt….

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Whale Watching – Popular Tourist Attractions

Whale watching is the biggest show on earth. With the ocean as their stage, the spellbinding and entertaining whales put on daily star performances for the whale watch cruises visiting their feeding grounds. In this article you’ll discover how to get…

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